Finally, almost 5 years after I first became invloved with this project and 2 years after the expedition was completed along with my manuscript, my first book “The Bering Papers”: an extreme winters wimmers story, published by Austin Macauley of London was released on November the 30th 2015.Fitness

The book is 313 pages long including around 45 photos, maps and charts and tells the story of an audacious idea originated by friends in Russia to be the first swimmers in history to cross the Bering Strait in it’s entirety  from continent to continent.

Little did I know in 2011 where my invlovement in this project would take me both physically and mentally. Now in the Bering Papers you will be able to read the full story for the first time.

I believe that it will be interesting for a wide range of people, not only lovers of winter swimming and other extreme sports but also those interested in people and places and real life events. There are around 6billion people in the world all with different experiences. In this book you will hear about some of those people scattered from the UK, to central Europe, the Russian far east, South Africa and America.……